Pulmonary Disease Management Program

Pulmonary Disease Management Program

Helping Patients Manage COPD at Home

Patients diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease must make lifestyle and environmental changes in order to manage symptoms. Home health care is a great option to improve life quality and prevent disease progression. Our COPD care plan works to make these changes and increase patient compliance.

How does the care plan work?

Our team of health care professionals work with you to develop a custom plan for each patient. We then educate your patients on their disease and managing the symptoms. Additionally, we assist these patients in making lifestyle and environmental changes that keep the disease under control.

Who benefits from the pulmonary disease management program?

  • Homebound patients
  • Individuals who have breathing issues which interfere with activities of daily life
  • Patients with functional limitations which restrict activity
  • Those needing education on how to manage new and multiple medications
  • Patients needing to make lifestyle changes to manage signs and symptoms of COPD

The care plan includes:

  • Using the “zone” chart to identify which signs and symptoms require medical attention
  • Teaching patients the proper way to use and take medication related to the disease
  • Home evaluation to remove environmental factors which may worsen the condition
  • An exercise program to increase endurance
  • Instruction on using medical equipment such as oxygen
  • Teaches individuals to recognize early symptoms and take action before a serious episode occurs

If you have patients with COPD who need education, we can help. To learn more about our care plans, contact us today.